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610.379.4POP (4767) - Chantilly Goods Ice Cream Shoppe 200 Bridge Street - Weissport, Pennsylvania 18235
Hours: M-F 3-9pm   Sat & Sun 12-9pm

Laundromat Weissport Lehighton Jim Thorpe Area,Laundromat Behind Chantilly Goods Ice Cream Parlor Shop

Weissport Washboard Laundromat
200 Bridge St. Weissport, PA. 
Hours: 7AM - 9PM - OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
610-379-4767 - Phone (Shared With Chantilly Goods)
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Serving Weissport, Lehighton, Jim Thorpe, Surrounding Areas.
Located in the rear of the building at 200 Bridge St Weissport PA 18235 with a side entrance on White St. or enter through Chantilly Goods if they are open.
One mile from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Traveling Through? Visiting The Jim Thorpe, Weissport, Lehighton, PA. Area? - No need to drag all that dreaded dirty laundry home and spend all day washing and drying upon returning home; stop at the Washboard to get it all done in half the time! You can also visit the vintage soda fountain, Chantilly Goods, and give your taste buds a party with a delectable farm fresh ice cream sundae or an old-fashioned soda float. Also, check out our antiques on display!

Laundromat - Weissport Washboard 200 Bridge St. Weissport, PA

I never thought I'd be the owner of a Laundromat until my husband and I purchased an old building in a small historical town. After seeing many residents pushing their laundry across the bridge to the only Laundromat in Lehighton, the idea came upon us to open one in the back part of our building for the quaint town. We take pride in keeping the facility clean!

Our goal was to provide high efficient equipment to make doing the laundry faster and more enjoyable. With Speed Queen's high efficient machines, customers can finish their laundry in a timely manner and spend more quality time with family and friends having enjoyable experiences. If you dread doing your laundry, you can make it more pleasurable by visiting Chantilly Goods located in the front half of the building to enjoy a tasty treat, such as a homemade milkshake or an old-fashioned egg cream, while your laundry is spinning.

With limited space available, there are six 20 pound front load washers with 26-31 minute cycle times costing $2.00 per load; one 40 pound washer costing between $4.25 -$5.00 per load depending on the cycle setting selection. The Washboard houses four 30 lb dryers and two 75 lb dryers which are high efficient gas powered that can dry clothes, comforters, pillows, and other linens in less than 30 minutes. The 30 lb dryers cost $0.25 for 6 minutes of dry time while the 75 lb dryers cost $0.50 to start the dryer which gives 10 minutes of dry time, and each quarter added will provide an additional 5 minutes. With 18-20 minute dry times and heavy duty machines, customers have no complaints with the Washboard. There are two folding counters, a change machine and laundry carts in the Laundromat.


Ice Cream & Vintage Soda Fountain Shop Chantilly Goods - 610 379 4767 200 Bridge St Weissport PA 18235

Ice Cream & Vintage Soda Fountain Shop
610.379.4767 - Chantilly Goods Inc. - 200 Bridge Street - Weissport, Pennsylvania 18235

*Please be advised that any of our products may contain allergens, including peanuts
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610.379.4767 - Chantilly Goods Inc. - 200 Bridge Street - Weissport, Pennsylvania 18235

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